Looking For Home Rentals Made Easy

Whether you are a single young adult or even a senior citizen, you probably want a place to call your own. Sometimes it is not possible for that to be a home that you have purchased yourself. Many times this means that you have to consider rentals as an option. Rentals that are well cared … [Read more…]

Smarter Renting – By Owner vs Agency

For rent by owner has increased considerably in recent years with the growth of the Internet. Websites catering to vacation home owners offer an easy and cost effective means of reaching a world wide vacation market. Property owners are able to exchange leases by email, and accept deposit through Paypal. Properties get booked and vacation … [Read more…]

Is a Rent-Back Right For You?

Have you ever seen signs advertising a company that buys ugly houses? Or that promises to take any seller seriously, no matter the condition of the home, or the hurry? Are they for real? Chances are they are a company that does rent-backs. A rent back is where the seller sells their home, but continues … [Read more…]

How to Have an Open House

Time to get ready for Open House. Why and when should you have one? I have mine on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm. That’s when most real estate agents have their open houses in our area, so that’s when the public is out looking for them. Make use of the agent’s marketing. There are a … [Read more…]

Staged to Sell – First Impressions Count

First Impressions Count When you are first introduced to someone at a party, what’s the first thing that you do? You spend the first 30 seconds having a good look and making a lot of judgments. If that person has, say spinach on their teeth, you will remember THAT long after you forgot what they … [Read more…]

What is Seller Financing?

When a seller allows a buyer to make payments over time for the purchase of property, it is known as owner financing or seller financing. This private financing by the seller can take the place of a bank loan or be in addition to a conventional mortgage. The payment amount, interest rate, and other terms … [Read more…]